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top 5 business lessons for new entrepreneurs

Top 5 Business Lessons For New Entrepreneurs by Michaela Anchan

Who is Michaela Anchan? I’m the founder of Woolf Works, a women co-working space close to Clarke Quay MRT. I...


Try Our New MenstruHeat Lite Edition (Available At Guardian)

Hi there! Our product MenstruHeat has been in the Singapore market for over a year now. We have had our...


Why You Should Buy the H&M Conscious Beauty Range

H&M has made itself an established brand in Singapore. In this fast growing and competitive space, it is always difficult...


The Best Looks From New York Fashion Week 2016

As New York Fashion Week (NYFW) draws to a close, guests flock to London, Milan and Paris for the last of the fashion...

period struggles around the world

Period Struggles in 8 Countries

It’s hard to believe but in many countries, menstruation is still a taboo. A combination of tradition, misinformation and lack...

combat period cramps at work

10 Ways to Combat Period Cramps at Work

Have you ever taken leave from work because of your unbearable period cramps? I have. One day off work can...

be the wonder woman in your friends' lives

Refer your friends to MenstruHeat and get up to 100% off your next order!

Hi everyone! Finally, the day has come.. You can now get referral bonus by being an active MenstruHeat subscriber! What...

vegan lifestyle

How A Vegan Diet Can Cure Menstrual Cramps

In food heaven Singapore, not many are vegans. But the vegan trend is on the rise (globally even), boasting massive...


Menstruating Attracts Mosquitoes Causing Zika?

With the first locally transmitted Zika case (41 cases confirmed) in Singapore, everyone has been on their toes to take protective...

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