10 Places You Should Visit This Winter

So… unless you’re staying in FOREVER SUNNY Singapore *thanks equator* and down under (Australia & Oceania regions), it’s almost winter! Christmas is coming too and it’s the holiday season!

Game of Thrones- Winter Is Coming, Rob Stark
Photo credits: Giphy


Here are the places you should visit during winter because why not? Just look at these pictures; I’m going to let them speak for themselves! <3



This beautiful snow-covered village is in British Columbia, Canada.

Whistlet, British Columbia, Canada, Christmas
Photo credit: Whistler 



The beautiful city in Norway, above the Arctic Circle, where you can see the beautiful Northern Lights.

Northern Lights, Tromso, Norway, Christmas, Places to visit
Photo credits: Visit Norway



The beautiful capital of France, and world’s most romantic spots.

Paris, France, Christmas, Europe, Eiffel Tower
Photo Credits: Pinterest


Santa Claus

The beautiful town in Indiana, where Christmas should be celebrated everyday.

Santa Claus, Indiana, United States (USA), Christmas
Photo Credits: Christmas Pictures

Plitviče Lakes

The beautiful national park in Croatia.

Plitvice National Park, Croatia, Winter, Christmas
Photo credits: Travel Mint


The beautiful village in the Salzkammergut region in Austria.

Hallstatt, Austria, Christmas, Winter
Photo Credit: Pinterest


The beautiful South Island’s Lake Wakatipu region in New Zealand.

Queenstown, New Zealand, Christmas, Winter
Photo Credit: Holiday Queenstown

Gobi Desert

The beautiful region in northern China and southern Mongolia.

Gobi Dessert, Khongor Sand Dunes, Mongolia, Winter
Photo credits: Fine Arts American


The beautiful district straddling the Himalayas in Nepal.

Mustang, Nepal, Winter
Photo credits: Nepallica



The beautiful capital of Heilongjiang in China.

Harbin, China, Winter, Heilongjiang
Photo Credits: Lazerhouse


Aren’t these cities beautiful?


If you’ve been to any of these places and have more to recommend, do let us know in the comments below! 🙂

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