16 Stages of Gift Shopping Every Girl will Recognise

So Christmas is around the corner, and you may think that all is right with the world. But guess what, you’re wrong. ‘Tis the season for #firstworldproblems to come with full force, and I think it’s about time someone addressed these issues.

1. Remember the terrible feeling you get when you remember that you don’t just get presents, but have to gift them too?

Oh my god GIF

Oh. My. God.

2. And the realisation that you can’t afford anything remotely nice as a gift.

Sailor Moon GIF

Maybe just a present for mom?

3. Every time you go out, it’s a bombardment of merriment and joy, and you’re just there like

Shake head and cry GIF

It’s a cruel, cruel world out there.

4. And then you see your favourite shop on sale, and it gets 10 times worse

Crying in despair GIF

No, don’t look!

5. But you look anyway, and 2 hours later you’re even more broke than before

Take my money GIF

You tell yourself that it was on 30% off, and you were going to buy it anyway, so you’re practically saving!

6. So you think to strategise and start saving, and you start feeling more optimistic

Come at me bro GIF

Christmas ain’t got nothing on you.

7. But days pass, and Christmas gets nearer, but your savings are not increasing by much.

Oh crap

This doesn’t add up, what do you mean 5 days left to Christmas??

8. So you make do with the available funds, and go shopping

Crazy shopping GIF

And by shopping I mean, grabbing whatever is left and hoping for the best.

9. So you go home, and try to make do with what you have…

You got nothing GIF

Basically nothing.

10. And start the next phase: gift wrapping. Yes, it will at least look nice!

You got this GIF

Wrapping paper? Check. Tape? Check. Scissors? Check. You are now ready.

11. But then you actually start wrapping, and things don’t go according to plan.

What am I doing GIF

Is it meant to look like that?

12. And you get a cruel lesson in expectations vs reality

Gift wrapping expectation vs reality


Maybe I should have just stuck to the in-store gift wrapping service.

13. But it’s okay, you’ve made it, and you can finally catch a break

I love my bed GIF

The holidays would be relaxing, they said.

14. So Christmas comes and the gifts are exchanged, and you know the smiles are fake

Fake smile kanye west

No one likes photo frames thaaat much.

15. But you know, at the end of the day, there are no hard feelings, and it’s the thought that counts

Spongebob Oh my god thank you GIF


16. And as much as you love Christmas, at least this won’t happen again for another year!

Too touched to talk gif

Congratulations, you did it!

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Chen Wei Chua

Chen Wei is an undergrad majoring in Psychology. She's currently spending a year in New York City, where she's interning at a startup. When she's not at work, you can find her practising yoga, or exploring the Big Apple with her camera in hand.

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