5 Christmas Gift Ideas For your Boyfriend

If you’re anything like me (a mad shopaholic), the process of shopping for gifts for people and slowly deliberating between almost identical options, is almost as gratifying the experience of receiving presents (if not more so). But if you’re not like me (reasonable and level headed), then the thought of gift shopping may be seen as more of a burden than a treat. And you’ve probably wondered: “Does not having to get me a gift, count as a gift?”. But do not fear, we’ve got your back. So ladies (or gentlemen, yes #lovewins), here is a list of Christmas gift ideas you can get for that someone special in your life!

1. Portable Speakers

Bose Mini Wireless Portable Speaker

Honestly, this gift is great for anyone, regardless of gender. While pricey, this gift is sure to be the one gift to rule them all (not sure if that’s the accurate quote, but whatever), as good portable speakers are not only really nice to have at home, but great to bring around for events like parties and picnics. So getting him this present is basically a win-win situation, as you get to listen to great music on the go too, in fact, you are doing a public service as others around you will reap the benefits too! Okay, that’s stretching it a little (or a lot), but it really is a great present. Good options include the Bose SoundLink Mini Bluetooth Speaker, and the Jawbone Jambox Wireless Speaker.

2. Good Shaving Cream


The keyword here being good. Some guys may overlook the fact that their skin needs some TLC too, and more often than not they just go for the option that “gets the job done”. So what better time to get them something that will not only pamper them a little, but make shaving that much more pleasant. Shaving cream is good because it moisturises the skin while providing lubrication for shaving, leaving his skin feeling soft and silky. Who knows, maybe after you get him this gift, he will be converted and start a skincare routine that might rival your own! The Proraso Shaving Cream, and Billy Jealousy Shaving Cream are awesome choices.

3. A Life-proof Mobile Phone Case


Okay maybe not life-proof, but definitely military grade (yes, you read that right). Made with military grade materials, these cases will ensure that their phones will be practically indestructible. Never again will they experience that sinking feeling in their heart as they see their phone land face down on a concrete floor, and when that happens they will thank the heavens for you being in their lives. Perfect! Brands like Otter Box and Spigen stock great cases that are both practical and stylish!

4. A Nice Work Bag


A nice work bag should be highly functional, without looking like a sack when filled with stuff. Style and convenience need not be mutually exclusive, but unfortunately some guys don’t see it that way. So why not educate them on the matter this Christmas. Depending on his line of work, a backpack may or may not be appropriate, if it is the Herschel Little America is good, with a built in laptop sleeve, but if not then a messenger bag is a great option too!

5. Personalised “vouchers”


If the above options were outside of your budget, or if the person you’re buying a gift for is more on the sentimental side, then this gift will be a great option for you! Include things like “meal delivery to your doorstep” or “FIFA partner” (a football video game, for those who don’t know), and he will love you forever.


So there you have it, 5 Christmas gift ideas for your man. Hopefully, you got some inspiration from this guide, and don’t dread Christmas shopping as much anymore. But remember, whatever you get, it’s the thought that counts 🙂 Do you have any other gift suggestions for guys? If you do, then leave them in the comment box below!

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