5 Christmas Gift Ideas for your Girlfriend

If you always dread the Christmas season because you haven’t been paying attention to your girlfriend’s wishlist, you probably deserve a cold shoulder and an awkward Christmas. However, if you have legitimate reasons (crazy boss, crazy professors, crazy girlfriend) fear not because PSLove is here with five thoughtful gift ideas that are guaranteed to make her melt!


  1. Thoughtful Photo Album



Take the time to look through all your photos together and find the ones that make you look cute, make her look cute or better yet make the both of you look cute! Couple this with neatly handwritten captions of why the photo means so much to you and you’ll be well on your way to melting her heart on the frosty Christmas morning. Bonus points for well-meaning but ridiculously sweet lines like “I miss your dimples”.


  1. Concert Tickets



It’s cliché but the best gifts are really good memories. Take the chance to buy tickets for an event that you know she’ll love. If your girlfriend is the sentimental kind you might consider something like the ‘Our Island Home‘ A Singapore-Australia Friendship Concert going at prices ranging from $20-$30 which promises to capture the meaning of home through music on 19th December.

Or if she’s into something more visual and exciting you might even consider splurging and paying the $98-$188 for tickets to the breath-taking experience of Cirque du Soleil ongoing till 13th Dec 2015.


  1. Personalised CD Mix

cd cover


If you’ve been sharing many songs with your significant other in the time you’ve spent together, consider burning her a CD with all the songs that mean special things to her. Alternatively if you guys haven’t been listening to many songs together, put together a mix of songs that make you think of her. Combine this with a letter about why the songs remind you of her and an 8tracks playlist online that she can listen to no matter where she is.


  1. Personalized Cards



Know your girlfriend loves cards but terrible at art? Why not get the heartfelt, thoughtful, sweet and often punny cards from the Kardiacs! From cards that tell her that she is the perfect combination of gorgeous, kind and smart to cards that feature cute whales saying “Whale you be mine” the Kardiacs are bound to delight. I guarantee you’ll be chuckling and aww-ing your way through your hunt for the perfect card. Most cards cost a reasonable $4, but some packs of 10 cards go for $30.


  1. MenstruHeat Packs



Is she always complaining about cramps while you look back at her with sad doe-eyes not knowing what to say? Sadly the uterus doesn’t know that Christmas is supposed to be a time of celebration. Whether or not your girl is beside you or far away in a distant land, send her these heat packs from MenstruHeat for her time of the month during the month of December and enjoy the benefits of being a thoughtful boyfriend the next time you meet.

And in the spirit of giving since it’s Christmas here’s a discount code for 10% off all purchases at MenstruHeat “christmas10”.

Ultimately, the best gifts aren’t about the price tag, because the novelty of the gift will fade away as time passes. Focus instead on appreciating your partner and you will find that the gift-giving experience becomes that much more meaningful as well.

Do you have any thoughts on our Christmas Gift suggestions? Please let us know in the comments section below or @pslove_co on Twitter!

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