5 Relationship Lessons You And Your Boyfriend Can Learn From EPL

With the English Premiere League going on, our boyfriends have stopped paying attention to us! All they talk about is football.

“Oh! Did you watch last night’s match?”

“That goal was insane!”

“What is the line up for Liverpool FC and Stoke City?”

“How much do you want to bet?”

One more question, and I bet it turns into a fight. Girls don’t seem to understand this obsession. But, to be fair, men don’t understand our obsession with make-up, clothes and Korean drama either. So, instead of getting mad at your boyfriends, it is time to teach them great relationship lessons and take some into consideration too.


1) Being A Team Player

West Ham United, EPL
Photo Credits: Giphy [West Ham United]
There are two people involved in a relationship – that already makes you a team. It depends on the amount of effort you are willing to invest, to be a team player. There are always obstacles thrown your way, but when you unite and work together to solve the problem, you become unbeatable. But, don’t forget the fact that both of you have to put in an equal amount of effort and work as a team to beat obstacles, to be successful.


2) Taking Risks & Learning From Mistakes

Man United Team, EPL, Premier League
Photo Credits: Giphy [Man United Team]
Sometimes, in a relationship, the routine can get very repetitive and you might easily get bored. Therefore, it is important to try new things to spice up your relationship (feel free to take risks). Open your mind to new ideas and set out on interesting ventures together.

If things don’t go according plan and you’re still ‘bored’ or even ‘angry’ with each other (touch wood), then you need to accept and learn from your mistakes. In an argument/fight, both sides are at fault and no one is 100% right all the time. So, just accept and learn as it helps improve your future decision-making skills.


3) Good Sportsmanship

Sportsmanship, Premire League
Photo Credits: Giphy

It is important to accept defeat or take the blame when you’re meant to. Refocuse your energy to make it positive is imperative in every relationship. Don’t drag your fights, arguments or hold in your feelings for too long. For example, with soccer, if the team has not performed well, they would put in extra effort and practise to work on skills that need improvement on – therefore, in every relationship, both parties should put in effort to make the relationship better instead of pointing fingers.


4) Importance of Attitude

Arsenal, Premire League
Photo Credits: Giphy [Arsenal]
It is important to always keep a positive attitude in every relationship. Good attitude can vitalise others and yourself. With a positive take on everything that happens in your relationship, it is easier to solve problems that you face.


5) Commitment

Arsenal, Premire League
Photo Credits: Giphy [Arsenal]
Giving your 100% best is vital to survive any relationship. You need to commit, and work together to improve yourselves. It is also very important to trust each other and work together.


These are the 5 key lessons I received on building and sustaining relationships through football/soccer. Share this with your boyfriends, and see if they understand this analogy 🙂

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