8 Habits Women Can’t Stand About Their Men

Needless to say, the first and foremost:

1) Leaving the toilet seat UP

I've have to kill you meme

2) Leaving clothes lying around.

At times, that pair of jeans can stay on the couch for as long as months.

Leaving clothes around messy

3) Watches football as though they are part of the team

over excited - big bang theory gif

4) “I’ll do it later….”

do it later meme

5) Eating chips on the couch

couch potato gif

6) Goes into the gaming “zone” and wont flinch at anything

focus level sensei

7) Forgetting to shave


8) And when they do, they leave shavings in the sink

shavings in sink

But guys, we still love you 😉

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Peck Ying

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