Don’t be Shy, Throw that Tampon!

Tampons and vintage games had never went hand in hand with each other. Not until two female teenagers found a way to marry the two into Tampon Run.
Since young, I remember how video games evolved – from Tetris to Pokemon to Street Fighter and beyond. I remember how games got more gory and violent as I grew older, and how the girls in video games always had more curves, and less clothes to cover.
Which is why I’m relieved to know about Tampon Run. Tampon Run is a game created by two teenagers – Andrea “Andy” Gonzales and Sophie Houser – who met in the “Girls Who Code” bootcamp. With a heroine shooting tampons at thieves, it is addictive and cute (doesn’t it remind you of Flappy Birds?) It reminds you that there is a younger generation of girls who are independent fighters, have high hopes and dreams, and who do not buy into pop culture’s female hypersexualization.
And it tells me that games can be a vehicle for social commentary and for shaping mindsets. Here’s an excerpt from an interview with Time magazine:

“Actually a few days ago after we released the game, I had a guy friend come up to me and say that he realized that he actually did shut me down every time we talked about menstruation. And he was like, ‘I don’t know why I do that. That’s so weird.’ And that was such a great moment because I had actually reached someone that I knew and changed their opinion.In general, we’ve gotten emails from people all around the world, and from men and women. It’s so wonderful that we’re reaching so many people, and making people think about it and discuss it. It’s what we wanted to do with the game.”

(Source: Time)

I am pretty excited as to how this game will develop even further (Coming Soon to the phone near you), and how it will bring about a new wave of games which instigates further discussion about social issues around us. Imagine something about food scarcity and overeating! Or, using calorie counts that you have burnt as a form of ‘resource’ for your little widget self.


On another note, kudos to Girls Who Code. Who knew, when it first tested out its program years ago, that it would be making waves today? Who knows what other forms of impact that girls who code will have on our society in future?

Check it out here. (Addiction Alert)

P.S. The high score as of Sept 5 was 2229! #tamponrunhighscores

Tampon Run Game

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