Dress To Impress – 5 Dresses For Your Body Type

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Before I proceed with this discussion, I would like to start off with a disclaimer statement!

“We at PSLove, respect and admire women of all body shapes and sizes. This article is just a generic discussion based on prior research and reading work. We love you 😳 “ 

Now that we cleared the air, let’s begin our discussion on 5 different body types and the kind of dresses that suits you the best! 🙂


Hourglass Figure

What makes an hourglass figure?

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  1. Your busts and shoulders are the same width as your hip.
  2. You have a defined waist.
  3. Your waist is proportionately smaller than your hip and busts.


How to flaunt your gorgeous figure?

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Pear Shaped Figure

What makes a pear shaped figure?

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  1. Your top half is smaller than your hips.
  2. Your waist is smaller than your hips but proportionate to your busts.
  3. Your hips and thighs are your widest parts.


How to flaunt your gorgeous figure?

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Rectangle Shaped Figure

What makes a rectangle shaped figure?

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  1. Your busts, waist and hips are of similar width.
  2. Your shoulders tend to be square, allowing your arms and legs to be proportionately slender.
  3. You have a minimal definition of waist, as it is proportionate to your average to small bust.


How to flaunt your gorgeous figure?

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Apple Shaped Figure

What makes an apple shaped figure?

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  1. Your shoulders are wider than your hips.
  2. Your waists and hips are smaller than your busts.
  3. You have an undefined waist line.

How to flaunt your gorgeous figure?

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Hopefully this has helped you!

I shall be discussing other body types and the dresses they could try on, and will also look at other wears such as party dresses, formal wear, casual and date night.

Do let us know what else you would like us to research on!

Cheers 🙂


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