Which 1950s Fashion Trend Is Still In?



Welcome to the 1950s, where time flew with the sound of Jazz and wars subsided into abstract art. 

This era brought on strong new design labels and started recognising fashion icons for who they are! Amidst the cold wars happening around the world, we saw drastic changes in arts and culture. The looks from this era are still inspirational to various designers today.


Christian Dior introduced New Look.

This look was introduced in 1947-1949, which had a tremendous impact on the 1950s fashion!

Peplum blouse & mid length pleated skirt

Peplum blouse & mid length pleated skirt

This is still in fashion, for work and parties. The only thing women probably don’t wear regularly are the gloves (unless it’s winter) and the hat from Givenchy’s New Look. However, the concept of the skirt & blouse is still in.

Also, their heels tho!


Peplum dresses

Peplum dresses are still very in.

Again, they are commonly worn at work or parties. These dresses definitely accentuate your curves. Other inspiration from this Givenchy New Look design would be dresses with frills!

The lasagna strap (derived from spagetthi strap 😉 ), or the square neckline is found in various shirts and dresses today!
Off-shoulder dress & tube dresses

Off-shoulder dress & tube dresses.

They now come in all shape and sized, but are heavily influenced from this era. Also, major props sticking out from your dress and buttons were great innovation from the 50s.

We might not be a big fan of the hat, but a Gatsby party would be fun sometimes! Designers have now created versions of off-shoulder tube dresses, etc. Cool huh?


Coco Chanel’s Boxy a.k.a Classic Chanel Suit

Classic Chanel Suit
Photo credits: Zapyle
Classic Chanel Suit
Photo credits: Pinterest


Chanel went against the vibe of fashion in the 50s. She changed the trend from full, flouncy and bouncy skirts to box skirts. The creation of the Classic Chanel Suit, was the best innovation for working women. They are easy to look formal and classy at the same time, with minimal effort.

You still see public figures like Kate Middleton, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton as great fans of this fashion trend from the 50s.


Polka Dots, Stripes & Florals


Polka dots, polka dots – AFRO. (Although the AFRO hairstyle was not popular until the 60s)

Large polka dots and flower prints on white background were extremely popular and probably still is. Any clothing has its fair share of polka dots, flower and stripe prints on almost EVERYTHING.

Let’s have a look!



Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses

Cat Eye Sunglasses
Photo credits: Pinterest

We are all aware of the sudden cat eye glass trend. Everyone is buying it, and it’s not even halloween!

Even though, this is a recycled trend- we are all glad it’s back. Makes us feel as glorious as a semi cat-woman.


Anyways, these are a few trends that are STILL IN. I will be back soon, with the fashion trends that are still in from the 1960s. I would love for you guys to tell me which of these are your favourite recycled/evergreen trends! Also which ones were you excited for when it made its come back?

Let us know in the comments below! 🙂


PS: Here is the most glorified style icon from the 1950s!


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