Which Pokémon are you when you PMS?



Before we discover what our Pokémon type is when we PMS, let us establish which Pokémon types we clearly are not.

1) Normal-Type Pokémon

You are your normal-self. 


Most of these Pokémon are harmless – Meowth, Rattata and Kangaskhan.

2) Fairy-Type Pokémon

You are extremely cute and adorable.


These Pokémon are generally considered “cute” and tend to be at least partially pink in color and feminine in appearance overall – Clefairy and Jigglypuff.

3) Bug-Type Pokémon

You are cheerful and energetic.


These Pokémon have beautiful colours and have a cheerful character – Caterpie, Weedle and Paras.


4) Grass-Type Pokémon

You are calm, pacifistic and enjoy every bit of the way Mother Nature works.


These Pokémon are usually calm, pacifistic, and like to take care of flowers, plants and nature itself – Bulbasaur, Oddish and Bellsprout.

5) Flying-Type Pokémon

You feel on top of the world and you spread your wings to soar through the day.


These Pokémon can fly, many of them live at high altitudes, even. Their power is mostly related with aerial and wind-related attacks – Butterfree, Pidgeot, Fearow.


Now that we have established what we are not. Let’s discover which type of Pokémon YOU become when you PMS.

1) Fire-Type Pokémon

You look extremely cute and adorable, but when someone touches you, you burn them in flames.


These Pokémon are passionate and some have bad behavior. They live in caves, volcanoes and arid zones – Charmander, Vulpix and Ponyta.


2) Fighting-Type Pokémon

You fight through your pain and emotion. You try to put a smile on your face and be strong for the ones around you.


These Pokémon represent a fighter going on a journey to get stronger and find out who they are supposed to be – Mankey, Machop and Hitmonchan.

3) Ghost-Type Pokémon

You lock yourself up in your room and stay disconnected from your social life.


Pokémon of this type are usually connected to fear, the dark and the afterlife. They usually live in abandoned houses, cemeteries, funeral places and uninhabited dark places such as caves – Gastly, Haunter and Gengar.


4) Ground-Type Pokémon

You refuse to get out of bed, unless it’s to get chocolates.


One bad thing about these Pokémon is that they can’t normally come off the ground, even though they are pretty good combatants when they are below the Earth’s surface – Diglett, Sandshrew and Rhydon.


5) Dark-Type Pokémon

You gulp down anybody that dares to face you with your sarcasm/sass and live in the shadow until you are enlightened to the bright side.


The Dark type is represented from traits that are considered feral and untameable, destruction, comings of darker times, and to the unknown but potentially dangerous aspects of the mysterious and enigmatic – Umbreon, Absol and Mightyena.


6) Steel-Type Pokémon

You are slow, lazy and cannot function.


These Pokémon stand out for having the best defense. They tend to be heavy and thus have low Speed. Steel-types are mainly inorganic in nature, some of them representing robots and machines – Magnemite, Steelix and Aggron.


7) Psychic-Type Pokémon

You are extremely emotional and alternate between sadness & rage. Due to these vast mood swings, you  play your emotion to get things done.


The Psychic type is the most powerful. Psychic-type Pokémon tend to be very intelligent. To attack, they use their mind power, thus having high special stats and low physical stats – Abra, Drowzee and Mewtwo.


8) Electric-Type Pokémon

You paralyse your emotions and stay as normal as possible, UNTIL you get  irritated by your surrounding.


Pokémon have varied habitats, from forests, praries, cities and power plants. Electric-type Pokémon are usually fast, and many of their attacks may paralyze the target- Pikachu, Voltorb and Jolteon.


9) Ice-Type Pokémon

You become cold towards your family and friends. But, you’re still sensitive.


These Pokémon stand out for being able to endure very low temperatures, as well as adapting to freezing weathers – Lapras, Articuno and Jynx.


10) Water-Type Pokémon

You try your level best to adapt to the situations around you. However, when you’re alone and cant handle the situation – the water works start. Especially while watching PS I Love You.


These Pokémon are said to be pure since it can adapt to any situation and weather, since water can adapt itself in several forms – Squirtle, Horsea and Poliwag.


11) Poison-Type Pokémon

You are a ninja. You are cautious of your surrounding and camouflage your pain and mood. Although, the minute someone discusses a passionate topic, the unorthodox side of you takes over.



These Pokémon have a natural toxic quality, maybe they produce venom, are poisonous plants, or even represent pollution. A very curious fact about Poison-type Pokémon is that some of them resemble ninjas – Koffing,  Arbok and Nidoran♀.


12) Rock-Type Pokémon

You help yourself come back to life every morning, as you have no choice but to put that smile on your face and get on with work.


These Pokémon fossils preserve enough material genetic to be worked with to bring them back to life, but, it can be known, that the Rock type was very abundant – Onix, Geodude and Aerodactyl.


13) Dragon-Type Pokémon

You’re savage. Nothing can hold you back. You face the challenge it, and use your special motivational skills to overcome them. YOU GO GIRL.


Dragon Pokémon frequently have have high Attack and Special Attack, as well as good Speed – Dratini, Dragonair and Dragonite.

So which type of Pokémon are you when you PMS? Do leave your answers in the comments section below! 🙂


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Information regarding the characteristics, facts and description of Pokémon have all been derived from the following Source.
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